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EDIT // So now I am happy with the finished results of the new and improved Commission-I page!

Here's a list of all the features available to our members :

- VIP Box
- Birthday Shoutouts (register here)
- Job Offers (Free service for members searching for commissionable artists More info here)
- Weekly features
- Free contest advertisments

There's also an updated FAQ page for those unsure on a few things. If there isn't a question on their you'd like the answer too, let me know in a message!

One last thing to do. Icon contest.

End of Edit //

For some of you may have already noticed but Commission-I is now under construction.

We have some new features in place which include

- Free contest advertising (found on the side of the main page)
- Birthday Shoutouts for members of Commission-I
- An FAQ page
- A weekly feature page - Randomly picked artwork from our galleries.

As well as what's already been put in place we still have to

- Update are over all look to flow - This includes new journal and icon. (I may hold a contest for this?)
- Cleaning up of folders
- Some tip bits which I may or may not include

There we have it!
As the page is under construction it may look out of place and some parts may have lack of information but it'll be finished soon enough!

Thanks for sticking with me!
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ShenaniBOOM Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
My commissions will soon with BIGGER and BETTER rewards for those who share my journals! All those who promote my commission journals will get HALF OFF their first commission! That's right! A commission that was once $70 can be yours for only $35!

Here's my journals for more info on these rewards and my commissions:

This one is for real people drawn in manga style>>…

This one is for ocs and other designs>>…

Thank you for your time :)
Silver-MoonNight Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
10 POINTS COMMISSION OPEN! Check out for more info here:… Need money for college. If you have 10 points to spare, please do consider for a commission.

M = Male F = Female
:bulletgreen: = Available :bulletpink: = Not-Available

TYPE K [M :bulletgreen: F :bulletgreen:]
Price: 10 :points:
Description: Drawing from head to shoulder.Will only draw a very simple manga anime portrait (like an ID or passport photo); no theme can be set for this one.

TYPE A [M :bulletgreen: F :bulletgreen:]
Price: 50 :points:
Description: Sketching from head to shoulder-length.

TYPE B [M :bulletpink: F :bulletgreen:]
Price: 100 :points:
Description: Sketching from head to knee-length.

Price: 140 :points:
Preferably both requests are different characters. Remember to indicate which character you wish for Type A and Type B.
Kirara-CecilVenes Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Hello ^^, I'm open for commission, starting from 5$ USD ^^
for my full price and sample you could see over here:

some of my works:
Commission - Smog Elemental by Kirara-CecilVenes  Commission - Martian Mermaid Pony by Kirara-CecilVenes  Kirara and Machua 2 by Kirara-CecilVenes  Line Play - Jia Yuan (2) by Kirara-CecilVenes  Line Play - Anemona 2 by Kirara-CecilVenes  

Thank you ^^
NellyMonster Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey guys!? I'm not sure if this is where is should post it but... Yeah... 

Anywho! I am open for commissions, Trades and requests(spnfanart only) and just wanted to let you guys know :) 

prices from 5 :points: up to 300 :points:

more info here:
pinkie2001 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My full colored full bodys are 50 :points:!!!1

Come buy now!…
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