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Ottachan Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
I do chibi commission from 5€.
If you're interested, please look at this journal Meow :3 .
katoru92 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist
Traditional Art Commission -->
(there are cheap sketch commission too)
blackorb00 Featured By Owner 16 hours ago
>>> Commission Journal…
Lots of free time in my hands right now.
Lexi247 Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
350 Points ! Check out my commission widget!
Humans, monsters, anthros, animals accepted!
Slightly NSFW Accepted!
Questions? Comments? Note me!
Xenoph and Gloria by Lexi247 Jessica for Voelle by Lexi247 Sweater Weather by Lexi247
SerinaChan Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
SerinaChan Moments ago  Hobbyist Artist
Hello! I'm open commission    

i'm accept both point and paypal more infomation here >>>>>point/paypal Commission [open]

here is my example

kaomoji set 2 15/67 colored +simple BG  1 person/pickaomoji set 2 15/67 
Head shot  - 10(1000 point)
Half Body  - 16$ (1600 point)
Full Body  - 25(2500 point)
add char. +$10(1000 point)
Touken ranbu Konnosuke by SerinaChan Touken ranbu Yagen toushirou by SerinaChan  Touken Ranbu sayo x dark sayo by SerinaChan  Auction [close]Adopt Hotaru by SerinaChan  

kaomoji set 54/67SKETCH Line art kaomoji set 2 31/67 Monochrome color /Black white / clean line art + simple BG 1 person/pic
Head shot  - 2(200 point)
Half Body  - 5$ (500 point)
Full Body  - 8$(800 point)
add char. 3$(300 point)
doodle MEMEME! by SerinaChan   doodle Oc Ngungi Sw Girl by SerinaChan  644121 4317686694423 1745272808 N by SerinaChan  speed draw Eco by SerinaChan 

chibi ver 1  $8 (800 point) ADD char +$5 (500 point)
 Touken ranbu chibi Urashima kotetsu by SerinaChan Chibi Request 10 by SerinaChan  Chibi Request 11 by SerinaChan  

chibi ver 2.$12 (1200 point)   add char 6$ (600 point)
chibi - Hirochann by SerinaChan Chibi Comission Alice and Bradley by SerinaChan
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