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EDIT // So now I am happy with the finished results of the new and improved Commission-I page!

Here's a list of all the features available to our members :

- VIP Box
- Birthday Shoutouts (register here)
- Job Offers (Free service for members searching for commissionable artists More info here)
- Weekly features
- Free contest advertisments

There's also an updated FAQ page for those unsure on a few things. If there isn't a question on their you'd like the answer too, let me know in a message!

One last thing to do. Icon contest.

End of Edit //

For some of you may have already noticed but Commission-I is now under construction.

We have some new features in place which include

- Free contest advertising (found on the side of the main page)
- Birthday Shoutouts for members of Commission-I
- An FAQ page
- A weekly feature page - Randomly picked artwork from our galleries.

As well as what's already been put in place we still have to

- Update are over all look to flow - This includes new journal and icon. (I may hold a contest for this?)
- Cleaning up of folders
- Some tip bits which I may or may not include

There we have it!
As the page is under construction it may look out of place and some parts may have lack of information but it'll be finished soon enough!

Thanks for sticking with me!
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MegzWills Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
From £1 to £15
Commission Info and Prices! by MegzWills
svyre Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm giving a discount of -50% on portrait commissions!
--> so now only $10 for a commission like these:

Lara Croft Wetsuit  - another remake by svyre Feraelyn by svyre Lotus Lillian by svyre Katara - Hope by svyre

go here for more info about commissioning me
Loone-Wolf Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi there!

I am opening commission for mech/mecha and all kinds of mechanical stuff.

Something like this : Mecha Weekly #1 by Loone-Wolf
would be around $30-$40 depending on the details and complexity that you want.


Something like this : Mecha Weekly #2 by Loone-Wolf
would be around $40-$70 depending on the details and complexity that you want.

I could include some detailed explanations of the parts of the mechs/mecga and machines.

Weapons, buildings and all other stuff mechanical are included in the list, so if you're not a mech/mecha fan, you could also request something else.

Currently, i only accept Paypal payments, please send me a note if you're interested ;) .

Best regards,
vinceisace Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
more information [here]

some price examples (the most popular ones) 

lineart chibi with color: $4.00 [additional character: $4.00 [additional character: $2.00, complex design: add $1.00]
lineart fullbody with color: $10.00 [additional character: $4.00, complex design: add $2.00]

strongest at drawing

females / birds / pokemon / animations / dresses / pixels / templates / gijinkas / high heels / complex hairstyles 

weakest [note if your commission involves the following, I may deny it, because I will not feel comfortable drawing these]

gore / nsfw / muscles / animals / some males / elders / babies

Please follow the template in my commission info, and note me your commission! I may ask for a change of payment if I find it necessary, mostly because I'm trying to earn money to buy a new computer charger... thank you!
cobra10 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Open for commissions :) (Smile):thumb464096332:  , My commission…  :) (Smile)

 from $5 up to $20.
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