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DerpiCorgi Featured By Owner 33 minutes ago  Student General Artist
I take both point and paypal commissions c:
BoyfriendKisser Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Commission Guide - March 2015 by BoyfriendKisser
himekanoda Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist

check it out =…
IchiUchi Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Needing help with a project!  Making new fursuit and I need YOUR help! plz read!So in newfoundland we have this one very unorganized convention I've NEVER WENT TO BEFORE 
or heard of until last year called sci-fi on the rock (wow)
And it's basically, from what I've heard, everything mashed into one convention...
So they got doctor who, anime, furries, star trek, my little pony etc... (the list goers on)
It's in late april
And just once I kind of want to go
because again I NEVER WENT
And I kind of don't want to wear leif, considering now that I've had her for a while, 
I'm noticing a lot wrong with her face.
So I want to make a totally new head of one of my sonas!
I have some money on my paypal now, 
I spent some on a treat for my boyfriend :heart: and 
for my guilty pleasure, bought two band posters, a pokemon hat for DatSonicNerd and I
and a moon necklace with 7 chakra stones in it.
I recently got very belated birthday money that will go towards my foam and glue
but as for the fur and materials I need a little help!
I'm not

Not too expensive; the commission price sheet is here vwv Curmurshurs by IchiUchi

With more details and examples here in my journal ;0;  commission information
100:points: = $.100
My prices are what they are because of that and the fact I put a lot of love and care into this stuff for you guys:heart:
Please check my page for open/closed statuses, as this journal may NOT be accurate!!!
My prices are what they are due to how much effort I put into them! Sorry!!!
PLEASE clarify whether you want a POINT Commission (PC) or a PAYPAL commission (CO) as a title when noting me!
PLEASE note me if you want something!
I do NOT draw humans unless it's traditional (or possibly a pixel doll) because due to shaky hands, I have better control on paper over my tablet! (getting a touch screen tablet soon) But if you would really like it, then I will keep it chibi and transfer what I have done on paper to my computer and redraw it. I am more of an animal/scenery artist.
YES I will draw your pet, but I will NOT color! I haven't reached that level yet but I hope to soon!
NO I will NOT draw pokemon "OC's" or characters from TV shows (unless its

Thanks :heart:
Ottachan Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I do chibi commission from 5€.
If you're interested, please look at this journal Meow :3 .
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